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Lorenzo Cipollo


I am the Hardest worker in the room. I eat very strict and workout everyday to stay in great shape. I believe in being humble and helping others as much as i can. I am very strict about being on time and conducting myself in a professional manner.

3 Words to Describe Me: Hardworking, humble, professional

Special Skills: 10+ years of Tap dance, Football, Boxing/Kickboxing, and improv experience.

Credits /Accomplishments:

Walked for Miami Swimsuit week, Phoenix, and Orange County fashion week. I’ve been on the cover of bridal magazines and have been featured in many other ones. I have done a lot of physique, swimsuit, and underwear campaigns. I have been in musicals that involved extensive tap dancing pieces. I’ve done commercials and a short film.


Height: 6’0
Waist: 32″
Weight: 180
Shirt: Medium
Neck: 15 1/2
Shoe: 11
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Italian / Hispanic