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Joe Dioletto


Hometown: Stockton, CA

FILM Inherent Vice Cop w/ Bigfoot Paul Thomas Anderson Karl Pordeh Karl Pordeh NYFA A Life for a Life The Man USC Kill on Sight Jason Fuller Tim Kirkpatrick Nina Baritone Sax Cynthia Mort Thicker than Blood Frank Moretti CA Film Institute Spy Idiots Nathan CSUN Live at the Foxes Den Heckler Michael Kristoff Penguin Soup Brendan CSULB She’s the One Micky Christine Haganburger Nuclear Family Militia Man #3 Kyle Rankin Freak Dance Stunt Double Matt Besser TELEVISION Castle Jason Marks Rob Bowman The Nick Kroll Show U-5 Jon Krisel Amazing Sports Stories U-5 John Tipton Dexter Stunt Double Keith Gordon Big Time Rush Stunts Scott Fellows TRAINING Ivana Chubbuck Advanced Scene Analysis Ivana Chubbuck Killian’s Commercial Workshop Audition Techniques Killian McHugh.

Special Skills: Skateboarding, Saxophone, Soccer, Precision Driving, Prat Falls

Twitter: @jdioletto

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4404619/


Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue


Rhett Beardemphl


My name is Rhett Beardemphl, obviously, and I guess this is where I tell you a little something something about myself. So let’s start with my lifelong passion which is soccer. I played my entire life and into college but now I am an old grandpa who has no time for such luxuries lol. However I still get my fair share of soccer intake from watching the European Leagues on T.V. How I got introduced to modeling: I went to my first Seattle Seahawks football game when I was 18 and it so happened that one of the Directors from the Seattle Model’s Guild was there; in passing he grabbed my shoulder and said, “Hey you, come with me.” Pretty wild right? That guy and I are still good friends to this day. Since then it has been many years and now I am perusing acting in full force but still have my amazing modeling agents around the U.S. I recently found a church that I love so now I’m into that whole Jesus thing. I try to walk by his example of moving through the world embodying Love but let’s be honest, I’m pretty terrible at it. Don’t judge my mistakes and I won’t judge yours, cool? Cool. Hmm, what else… I come from humble beginnings and I grew up with a deathly illness in my family. It was with us for many years and it was a struggle (like we all have in one shape or another) but it shaped us into the better people we are today. Lastly, I guess I’d like to say that I believe no good deed is too small to act on. Sorry to bore you with my life haha.

Three Words To Describe Me: Jokester, Faithful, Dork

Special Skills: I’m good at soccer and I’m terrible at Spanish

Instagram: @rhetts_life


Height: 6′
Suit: 40R
Waist: 31″
Shoe: 10
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green/Blue


Lance Paul


Actor, Model and Producer

3 Words To Describe Me: Athletic, Hard working, Fun to work with

Special Skills: Artist, Parkour, Boxing, Weapons training

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lance_Paul

Instagram: http://instagram.com/imlancepaul

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3859501/

Nerd Site

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLancePaul/posts/?ref=page_internal


Height: 6’1″
Weight: 175 lbs
Suit: 40R
Shoe: 13
Hair: Brunette/Ginger
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Maleek Griffith


Actor/Model on the come up…Out here in LA chasing it, catchin sparks just waitin 2 ignite and set tha world on fire!


Known for Division III: Football’s Finest (2011), City Talk LA (2012) and Face Off (2011)

Unusual Predictions (TV Mini-Series) (pre-production) 2018
Masked man / Jessie
Episode #1.2 (2018) … Masked man
Episode #1.1 … Jessie
High-Land (Short) 2015
Just Playing with Jason (TV Mini-Series) 2013
Face Off (TV Series) 2012-2013
Actor / Model
It’s Better in the Dark (2013) … Actor
When Hell Freezes Over (2013) … Actor
Heroic Proportions (2013) … Actor
Make It Reign (2013) … Actor
Junkyard Cyborg (2012) … Actor
Show all 8 episodes
Is It Me? (TV Series) 2011-2012
New Friends (2012) … Aaron
Illusions (2012) … Aaron
What’s Going to Happen Next? (2011) … Aaron
Unusual Suspects (TV Series) 2012
Drug dealer Darren
Innocent Bystander (2012) … Drug dealer Darren
City Talk LA (TV Series) 2012
host / director / Himself
Division III: Football’s Finest 2011
Football Player
35 and Ticking 2011
Sailor (uncredited)
Trapped: Haitian Nights 2010
Officer Fitzgerald
Director (1 credit)
City Talk LA (TV Series) 2012
Writer (1 credit)
City Talk LA (TV Series) 2012
Producer (1 credit)
City Talk LA (TV Series) (producer) 2012
Self (1 credit)
Face Off (TV Series) 2012
Himself – Model
Dangerous Beauty (2012) … Himself – Model (uncredited)
Return to Oz (2012) … Himself – Model (uncredited)

Special Skills: Football, Basketball, Track & Field

3 Words To Describe You: Unique, Outgoing, Trendy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maleek.griffith.5

Twitter: @maleek_g

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4420194/


Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150 lbs
Waist: 32″
Suit: 38r
Shirt: Medium
Shoe: 10
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Ethnicity: African American