Excelsior Talent Excelsior Talent


From the East Coast (North Carolina and Florida). Bachelor of Science degree from University of Columbia (Business/Finance). Very athletic and competitive. Played college baseball, high school football; All State Defensive back, love to travel the world, race motorcycles, surfing, sports, martial arts. Love to meet new people and experience different cultures. Very close to my family who still lives on East Coast.

Special skills:

Trained stuntman, martial arts, Tae kwon Do black belt, muy thai training, Jiu Jitzu, acro(flips), falls, fitness precision driving (car and sportsbike), marine driving (boats/jetskis including standup), modeling with women in intimate situations, simulated sex (Cinemax/HBO feature films), hardcore sex, romance novel model, very flexible (side splits, center splits), yoga, calisthenics, surveillance, security, scuba diving (PADI Advanced open water certified), CPR/First aid certified, rock climbing, swimming, running, dancing (former male exotic dancer for La Bare male revue in Florida), weapons training, firearms training, horseback riding, camel riding, acting, performing under pressure.

Three Words To Describes Me: Dedicated, Hard working, Perseverance

Instagram: @blondebomber007


Height: 6′
Weight: 165-175 lbs
Waist: 32″
Suit: 42R
Shoe: 10
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue