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My name is Rhett Beardemphl, obviously, and I guess this is where I tell you a little something something about myself. So let’s start with my lifelong passion which is soccer. I played my entire life and into college but now I am an old grandpa who has no time for such luxuries lol. However I still get my fair share of soccer intake from watching the European Leagues on T.V. How I got introduced to modeling: I went to my first Seattle Seahawks football game when I was 18 and it so happened that one of the Directors from the Seattle Model’s Guild was there; in passing he grabbed my shoulder and said, “Hey you, come with me.” Pretty wild right? That guy and I are still good friends to this day. Since then it has been many years and now I am perusing acting in full force but still have my amazing modeling agents around the U.S. I recently found a church that I love so now I’m into that whole Jesus thing. I try to walk by his example of moving through the world embodying Love but let’s be honest, I’m pretty terrible at it. Don’t judge my mistakes and I won’t judge yours, cool? Cool. Hmm, what else… I come from humble beginnings and I grew up with a deathly illness in my family. It was with us for many years and it was a struggle (like we all have in one shape or another) but it shaped us into the better people we are today. Lastly, I guess I’d like to say that I believe no good deed is too small to act on. Sorry to bore you with my life haha.

Three Words To Describe Me: Jokester, Faithful, Dork

Special Skills: I’m good at soccer and I’m terrible at Spanish

Instagram: @rhetts_life


Height: 6′
Suit: 40R
Waist: 31″
Shoe: 10
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green/Blue